About Us

Our Pastor

Iron City Baptist Church is led by Pastor David Williams. He cares deeply for the people of the church as well as those in the community. He has faithfully served at ICBC since January 2014. He received his Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Georgia and his Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Pastor David has been married to his wife Jennifer since 2011. They have two children Davis (born 2015) and Daniel (born 2017).

Our Beliefs

ICBC holds the Bible, God’s Word, in the highest regard. The Bible is seen as not only revealing salvation through Jesus Christ, but also the final authority in the life of a Christian. It is for this reason God’s Word is emphasized in all that we do and teach at ICBC. We encourage each person to grow in their understanding of who God is and their relationship to Him and to others by learning what God has to say through His Word.

Our Values

ICBC is a loving group of people with many backgrounds brought together by our mission: “We exist to glorify God by holding, proclaiming, and living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our hearts, homes, and church.” Simply Put: We want each Christian to relentlessly pursue Jesus both inwardly and outwardly for a lifetime.

How we measure our progress both as individuals and as a church is by looking at these relationships: Growing relationship with Christ, biblical relationship with family, active serving relationship with the church, missional relationship with the community.